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9 Cats That Changed the Course of History

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We all know that cats can improve our lives. But did you know that there have been multiple instances throughout history of 9 Cats That Changed the Course of history where cats have changed the course of human events? Here are nine cats that made a difference.

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1. Towser the Mouser – Towser was a tabby cat who lived in Glenturret Distillery in Scotland in the 1960s. In her 24 years at the distillery, Towser caught an impressive 28,899 mice. That averages out to about 12 mice per day!

2. Simon – Simon was a ship’s cat who served on the HMS Amethyst during the Chinese Civil War in 1949. When the ship came under fire, Simon was injured by shrapnel. Despite his injuries, Simon continued catching rats and caring for the wounded crew members. He was awarded the Dickin Medal, sometimes referred to as the “Animal Victoria Cross,” for his bravery during the incident.

3. Tom Kitten – Tom Kitten was a character in one of Beatrix Potter’s children’s books. He and his sisters got into all sorts of mischief, much to their mother’s chagrin. While Tom Kitten may not have changed human history, in 9 Cats That Changed the Course of history he and his siblings introduced countless children to the joys (and challenges) of kittenhood.

4. Peter -Peter was a kitten born without fur or eyelashes due to a genetic mutation called albinism. He was brought to Buckingham Palace in 1829 as a gift for King George IV’s daughter, Princess Alexandrina Victoria, who would become Queen Victoria. Legend has it that when Victoria first saw Peter, she exclaimed, “Oh! What a beautiful little cat!” This is allegedly where the tradition of referring to black cats as “coals” began.


5. Bastet – Bastet was known as the goddess of protection and love in ancient Egypt. She was initially represented as a lioness but later came to be depicted as a woman with a cat’s head. Statues and amulets depicting Bastet were often given as gifts, particularly to new mothers,9 Cats That Changed the Course of history  as it was believed that asset would protect their children from evil spirits.

6. Humphrey – Humphrey was a tabby cat who served as UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s chief mouser from 2011 until he died in 2017. Hailed as “the most famous cat in British politics,” Humphrey made headlines around the world for his official duties (like attending cabinet meetings) and his unofficial antics (like getting stuck in a tree).


As these nine cats demonstrate, felines have always had a special place in our hearts and homes – and occasionally even in our history books!

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