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At what age do kittens start to walk?

At what age do kittens start to walk

” At what age do kittens start to walk “, Kittens, although with some difficulty, take a long time to get around on their own. But this does not exactly mean walking: very often it is the mother who encourages them with a little push, until their legs are strong enough to allow them to start taking a few steps. But when do…



OVERWEIGHT CATS: WHAT CONSEQUENCES FOR THEIR HEALTH? OVERWEIGHT CATS: Your cat’s overweight, first of all, weighs heavily on its well-being, reducing its ability to move around or even simply to interrelate and play with you. He gets out of breath and gets tired more easily, so to save himself, he reduces his activities and sleeps more. He becomes more sedentary and his…

How to stop your cat from scratching anything


Your cat’s “velvet paws” can also be a weapon of mass destruction. Cat owners often realize the hard way (that is, after their favorite chair has been methodically torn apart) that cats systematically organize the house their way. Therefore, if your cat has to spend time in your living room, be prepared for a few new challenges. lean about cat’s visit site…